Prospedia works closely with automotive technology companies to make them more accessible to you, the investor, in a consistent and well-developed state.  Crucially, we ensure they are at a high level of investment readiness, hence our wide-ranging and exhaustive scrutiny including technical, financial, and legal due diligence before they can access our investment platform.


Reputationally, it matters to us.  We aim for high quality and high standards.  Our goal is to present to you companies that have a sound technology, well prepared vision, a team that can deliver and a financial plan that will reduce the risks of early-stage investment.

By aligning our business model with the future mobility products, services and solutions identified as being vital for the development of next-generation vehicles, we can better serve you, the angel investor, who might be interested in the fast-paced and profoundly disruptive automotive technology sector.


For the first time ever, investors can now consider automotive technology companies comprehensively vetted by experts and specialists with the essential industry knowhow, as investible opportunities for your investment portfolio.


The automotive road transport sector is undergoing rapid change. It embraces new technologies, offering both solutions and challenges. Key trends include vehicle electrification, automation and innovative business models, designed to change the way we think about vehicles and how we travel.


Mobility solutions are wide-ranging and include onboard energy storage systems, ultralightweight structures, as well as intelligent networking. The automotive mainstream needs these environmentally significant developments as it strives for zero-emission vehicles and zero accidents globally, requiring a paradigm shift and fundamental “disruptive” change to its business model not seen in over 100 years.


Prospedia embraces self-driving technologies, 5G connectivity, hybrid propulsion systems, cybersecurity and lightweighting as well as alternative fuels and many other future technology solutions for the road transport sector.


We are here to bridge the gap: helping early-stage companies including start-ups and university spin-outs to prepare for investment, as well as more established revenue generating companies with innovative ideas for introducing new technology, to make them all more attractive to you – the experienced business angel investor.


In the automotive sector, it is difficult for start-ups to get investment. It’s not impossible, and there is a trickle of private equity flowing into early stage companies with the best ideas and innovative solutions.


The big issue is the gap between these two currently mostly disconnected communities. Investors, understandably, are challenged to grasp the complexity of often fast-paced automotive technology developments.  Conversely, the language of the financial world doesn’t come easily to automotive technology companies. 


The £429 million funding gap between these two vital sectors of the economy is a conspicuous market failure that we aim to address with the UK’s first investment platform focused exclusively on advanced automotive technology and future mobility solutions.

What Prospedia does is to act as an interpreter and intermediary. We have created a bridge between these divided communities, which for the first time allows funding to flow more smoothly from investors, who gain a better understanding of the automotive market, to entrepreneurs and inventors who need the funding.


It’s the fundamental reason why we’ve created our Investment Readiness Programme and why we’ve partnered with Envestors to create the first vertically integrated automotive-only investment platform. Prospedia Capital is the first to do so and the first sector-specific platform to join the Envestry network with its 12,000 investors.